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Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol

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June 26th, 2011

The Super Comanche is a single shot pistol chambered for 45 Colt and 3″ 410 shotgun. Shot patterns shown for various loads and ranges from 5 yards to 15 yards. The Super Comanche pistol has a rifled 45 cal bore with a combination chamber formed by reaming with a 45 Colt chamber reamer and a longer 410 shotgun chamber reamer. The .410 shot column will pass thru the .452 bore just fine. However, a .452 bullet cannot pass through a .410 bore without catastrophic failure of the firearm. The .468 diameter of the 410 shotshell case loosely matches the 45 Colt case diameter of .480, and both rounds will fire suitably in the hybrid chamber at the low chamber pressure (14000 psi or less). The shotgun choke tube has straight rifling grooves that help slow rotation of the shot and form a tight pattern. The 45 Colt tube is smooth and over bore diameter.

25 Responses to “Super Comanche 45-410 Single Shot Shotgun Pistol”

  1. Cricket202 Says:

    @ricochet188 it would depend on what shell you use, there are several the .45 long colt bullet.. you would be DEAD… the .410 0000 buck 4-pellet you would be REAL dead with 4 .36 cal holes in you. with the winchester PDx1 round you would be dead. with the bird shot or Buck shot rounds you would be Pissed off.. blind and probably turn and run.. but would probably survive to think about what just happened.

  2. organichik Says:

    @restfultimes Doesn’t Taurus (Brazilian Owned but with subsidary in US) make the Judge. It is a nice revolver/shotgun and so very light.

  3. LowKeyLanding Says:

    @organichik Taurus makes the Judge. The Super Comanche is not really comparable to the Judge. The Judge has no choke, no pattern control, and is useful for up close defense. The SC is a real handgun/shotgun with a choke tube. It shoots great patterns. Both guns are a lot of fun, but I think the SC would do a better job of killing snakes and taking small game. However, it has the limitation of being a single shot.

  4. organichik Says:

    @LowKeyLanding Hi, Who mfgs. the Super Comanche? I was really wanting the Judge for the 2 legged vermin! and the 5 shot really appealed to me. It’s made in Brazil and I won’t buy foreign!!!

  5. ronsmith321 Says:

    Great vid. Have u ever tried to grouse hunt with this? I’ll net it would work great! Lightweight and compact. Seems accurate. Also, has anyone tried to alter the sights for more of a “bird gun” bead sight? That rear sight looks chunky

  6. LowKeyLanding Says:

    @ronsmith321 I haven’t hunted with it, but it would be interesting to do so. It is accurate enough as a shotgun, but not with a single projectile. The sights are not good. They are too high and the back sight is loose. The back sight does not adjust enough and I had to do some filing. There is a picture of a SC on the internet that had been converted to a bead sight like a conventional shotgun. My opinion is that the bead would be more useful.

  7. joey2beers Says:

    dear santa……..

  8. TheWickedEnd0851 Says:

    hey,i shot that at my face before and i turned out pretty *DEAD*

  9. bobiscool308 Says:

    i subbed please sub me back

  10. Algonkin1964 Says:

    I tried on of those once… loved it.

  11. MrJmak223 Says:

    Great vid mate. What is the barrel length, and do you have any idea to what the velocity is?

  12. LowKeyLanding Says:

    @MrJmak223 It has a 10″ barrel measured from the back end of the chamber like a shotgun, not like a revolver that is measured from the front end of the chamber. I don’t know what the velocity is, but with the short barrel the velocity will be much lower than a full size shotgun. However, it does produce patterns that are similar to a full size shotgun.

  13. MegaTommyboy666 Says:

    wow that is a kick ass bb gun

  14. Maj0ra Says:

    @Gixxerracing51 I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing, but hey it takes a lot more effort to stab than shoot. I also gotta say, I bet this gun is insane, I’ve never even heard of such a weapon.

  15. YouthDrummer Says:

    whats the efficiency against zombies?

  16. FatFilms89 Says:

    Have you tried firing this with .410 000 buck shot shells? If so how is the pattern?

  17. FatFilms89 Says:

    And the kick? When compared to bird load.

  18. LowKeyLanding Says:

    @FatFilms89 I haven’t shot any buckshot in it. I imagine it would pattern very similar to a shotgun shooting buckshot. It has a kick but not any worse than a 44 magnum, not to say that it is a 44 magnum. Look at one of my other videos on a 3-1/2″ 410 handload with 1 oz of shot. That one kicks even more, but it is still manageable. 1 oz of shot is equivalent to the shot weight in 20 ga and 12 ga loads.

  19. DjPyro2010 Says:

    Those pellets have a high enough velocity to pierce the human body. This is a lethal weapon, not a bb gun.

  20. mwillblade Says:

    Is it auto eject ?

  21. DjPyro2010 Says:

    Can you provide me with any information regarding its legality, and where to purchase in person. I refuse to purchase a firearm online.

  22. caniwitech Says:

    @FatFilms89 I have this same gun, and have everything you can get in 410 bore for it. I have shot 3 in slugs, 000 buckshot and many many rounds of birdshot through it. It is one of my favorite guns to shoot. It patterns well with the 000, and puts all 4 pellets in a 4-6 inch area from across a room. It;s a little cannon with the 3 in slugs!

  23. Cainkane1 Says:

    The people who made this weapon should make a double barrel version.

  24. SuperFablefreak Says:

    wanna-be taurus judge?

  25. TheBastered Says:

    I’ve wonder why do military don’t use pistol shotgun like these, they great in close up when u don’t have ammo on ur prime gun.

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