The Super Comanche is a single shot pistol chambered for 45 Colt and 3″ 410 shotgun. Shot patterns shown for various loads and ranges from 5 yards to 15 yards. The Super Comanche pistol has a rifled 45 cal bore with a combination chamber formed by reaming with a 45 Colt chamber reamer and a longer 410 shotgun chamber reamer. The .410 shot column will pass thru the .452 bore just fine. However, a .452 bullet cannot pass through a .410 bore without catastrophic failure of the firearm. The .468 diameter of the 410 shotshell case loosely matches the 45 Colt case diameter of .480, and both rounds will fire suitably in the hybrid chamber at the low chamber pressure (14000 psi or less). The shotgun choke tube has straight rifling grooves that help slow rotation of the shot and form a tight pattern. The 45 Colt tube is smooth and over bore diameter.